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I am creating questions in quizmaster in Presenter. I need  to have participants send their responses on and don't want a pass/fail or a column with correct/incorrect as it doesn't apply. I have tried editing the results slide- it's "survey" but when I publish and trial the module the results show as attached. Please can you advise. Or do I need to use another format to get this to work as I want? I looked at Rise but cannot see how to do this. Thanks in advance. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Gillian,

Thanks for sharing that image of what you're seeing! It looks like you're using graded questions instead of survey questions. 

If you go to the Home tab, and select Survey Question, you can use the Pick One option and the Feedback should default to None. Then, you can include a survey result page as you've done, and this is what your report should look like:

Hope this helps!