Quizz - The number of attempts before getting it right


In a course we are developing, I set a quizz to determine the lesson status in the LMS.

So now I want to set that the user as unlimited tries until he gets it rigth.

Since the user can reopen that lesson to review contents I want that quizz "blocked" once passed. (so that the LMS status remains "completed", otherwise it changes)

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance,


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Ana Victória

Hello Peter,

It's not a stand alone quizz.

at the end of the lesson I have a quizz with something like this: "Have you finish your study?"

If the learner responds "yes" it sends the complete status to the LMS.

The issue is, when the learner re-opens the lesson (without doing reset), although the quizz remains "passed" it sends a "incomplete" status to the LMS but maintains the 100 points:(

Can you help me?



Justin Wilcox

Hi Ana.

I would discuss this with your LMS as that is LMS functionality and not really related to how Articulate sends information to it. What you need to ask them is if they have a Browse mode and what specifically determines the Browse mode? If the course is considered complete, do they have a way of not allowing the complete status to be overwritten.? That's what you would need to find out.

Ana Victória

Hello Justin,

Unfortunately the LMS status definition is set exclusively by the content and they don't have any way of blocking status overwritten :(

How can I set the definitions (in the quizz and in the presenter) so that the content registers the complete status? the purpose is that the content maintains the previous quizz resolution until the user clicks "try again"...

Hope I made myself clear

Can you help?