Quizzes as checkpoints in Studio '13

Apr 02, 2015

I'm trying to figure out if the following scenerio is possible to create using Studio '13. It doesn't seem too obscure so I'm hoping it can be done.

I'm creating a training that has 4 parts to it, and its done sequentially...user cannot choose the order. After each part, I want a quiz. If they pass the quiz, they move on to the next module of the training. If they fail, I want them to return to the 1st slide of material for that training module, and then be able to retake the quiz. I am able to branch them back to the material, but the quiz doesn't reset. Also I want them to HAVE TO go back to relearn the material, not be able to just immediately retake the quiz from the failing results slide. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nathan!

There will not be a way to force the learner to re-visit the material. You may want to submit a feature request for this functionality.

Setting up the quiz with a result slide to allow re-tries will be needed, but you could set the finish button for fail/pass to go to slide you wish from the Quiz Properties on the Presenter slide. The learner would have to hit the finish button to re-visit material on fail, return to results slide, and select to then re-try the quiz.

Nathan Solomon

Thank you Leslie and Jim. I do think it would be a useful feature to require a revisiting of material by pushing them back to earlier slides before allowing for a retake. I think that somehow automatically "resetting" the quiz upon a fail, and then having the finish  button branch back to the earlier slides, would accomplish this easily.