Quizzes not working when published

I am having a problem getting quizzes to work correctly when published to a SCORM file.

I have four quizzes that I am working with.

If I create an eLearning with only those for quizzes, then all four work correctly.

When I create a 40 slide eLearning with those same four quizzes included, the two of them work and two of them don't. I cannot determine what is causing the quizzes to not work correctly.

Has anyone had a similar problem before?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Oliver, welcome to Heroes!

What exactly isn't working with them? Are you experiencing the same thing when you publish the course to web, or only when you run it through your LMS? You might want to try running your course through SCORM Cloud to see if it works properly there. You can learn how to do that here, along with other troubleshooting tips. 

Oliver Eldredge


The quizzes work correctly when I preview them in PPT. When I publish them to our LMS (Absorb) only half of them work.

When they malfunction, a user will get to the slide with the quiz and get stuck on a white screen. If they try to navigate away from that slide they are told that they must complete the quiz first. 

I am able to get the quizzes to work correctly if I publish a four slide eLearning that only contains the quizzes, but the quizzes do not work correctly when they are contained in a 40 slide eLearning.

I have not used the SCORM Could yet, but I'll give that a shot. So far the only trouble shooting that I've done is what I found on this page.


Thanks for any help you can send my way.