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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Shawn. Try this. Go to your quiz placeholder slide, and click in the Properties area at the bottom. In the window that appears, check what it says for "When user passes" and "When user fails." (These settings will override whatever is in Slide Properties.) If you want the learner to go back to the menu at the end of the quiz, you'll need to set these both to point to your menu slide. Here's a tutorial that has more detail if you need it.

Vincent D

I just have to say that I am blown away by this post because I am working on a project this morning and have run into the exact same issue and just logged in to post a question about it!  How 'bout that for irony! 

I do have an additional question.  The program I am developing uses the branching feature where the user has the ability to complete either 'section 1' of the training or 'section 2' of the training based on their needs...etc.  Therefore they don't have to complete all sections, but, do need to complete one of the two quizzes related to the portion of the program they are required to take. 

Question: When you go to publish a program like this to LMS is there a way to set the 'reporting and tracking' options to recognize whichever of the two quizzes that were completed and thus record 'pass' on that quiz?



Jeanette Brooks

Hello Vin - it's not possible to track by more than one quiz per presentation. But if you are looking for a workaround, you might be interested in the method that Dave Mozealous shares in this blog post.

Another option is to upload each of your two quizzes to your LMS as separate content items, and then use a hyperlink or a web object to allow learners to access the quizzes from within your course.

Roy Batzel

Guess what - Don't have any hidden slides in your PowerPoint deck between the quiz and the slide(s) you want the Finish button the navigate to. If you do, the Finish button will not respond. (Note: I am not referring to "Hidden from View" in Slide Properties, but actual "Hide Slide" in PowerPoint.)