randomizing order of questions in quiz

Jun 20, 2013

I have set up 10 question groups with 5 questions in each group. Quiz runs and only selects a single item from each question group. However, each time that it runs, the order in which questions are presented always starts with item from group 1 up and then process to item from group 2 and so on.

How do I get to mix things up a bit? I want quiz to run each time with randomly selecting groups, until one item from each group has been selected and then quiz ends.

Please help.


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Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Mike, Randomize All Questions does not randomize the order in which groups appear in the quiz. A question from Group 1 will always appear first. A question from Group 2 will always appear second and so on. Randomize All Questions only randomizes the order of questions within a particular Group.

I am looking to shuffle the order of my Groups within a quiz.

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