REALLY customizing the player template

1. I design for users with zero computer experience; radio buttons are too small.

I want to allow users to choose their answer by clicking on a shape which is assigned to the answer; or a larger target area. Honestly, considering the huge application of eLearning with populations like learning disabled, elderly, and ESL this is a design flaw.

2. I want to move the SUBMIT button from the lower right corner to a different position.

With these sorts of options, I would have a truly customized master slide and player. Is there any way to do this? For example, some editing in Flash? I want these alterations across all slides for this project.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Lee, welcome to Heroes!

Great point you raise in your first question, and I think you'll find what you're looking for in this older thread. Let me know if that's what you had in mind...

As for moving the submit button, that's not currently possible, as I suspect you've already found. But that would make a good feature request for future builds:

Thanks for your input, and I hope that information is helpful!

Lee Sledd

Thanks for the solution; I spoke before digging deep enough. In that video it looks like the image is reacting (not only the radio button) to the click; I will test it.

This does require many clicks to arrange, and also means that any items set up this way cannot have shuffled answers. I am doing a whole test in this format, so that means a loss of one function in exchange for another. Accessibility is a priority, so it's a workaround that will work for now.

If multiple choice using images were a more integrated feature, perhaps one could load the images into the answer fields when authoring the question and then just size/arrange them on the slide view. Or it could be another question type: multiple choice with hot-spots you paint/highlight/select in slide view. I'm a dreamer!