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Andrew Kay

I've just run into the same problem myself.  This is very frustrating especially as Articulate Presenter itself does allow me to change all of the labelling within the course to Spanish, but then when my Spanish speaking learners get to a Knowledge Check in the same course, they see half of the slide displayed in English.

It really doesn't make much sense why you would enable one part of a package (Studio '09) to be displayed correctly to a non-English speaking audience, but not another integral component of the same application.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Theresa,

I don't speak Spanish, but for simple phrases like that, you could use Google Translate.

  • Your Score - "Su puntuación"
  • Passing Score - "Pasando Puntuación"
  • Result - "resultado"
  • Congratulations, you passed - "Felicidades, has pasado"
  • You did not pass - "Usted no pasar"

Now, I know these may not be perfect, but may help in the meantime, until you're able to get a fluent Spanish-speaker to confirm.

I hope this helps!