Remove "Correct" "Incorrect" bar at bottom of question results?

I've created a self-assessment using statements in a multiple choice format that are assigned points 1 through 5. The points are not visible to users.

Users receive a total rating on the Results screen and can go back and review their ratings with a Review Assessment button. When I tested this after publishing by clicking that button, I saw that each question screen now includes a green Correct or red Incorrect bar at the bottom. Since this is an assessment with no right or wrong answers, how can I get rid of this bar?

Also, I put the instructions in a separate question group at the beginning of the assessment. When the user clicks the Review Assessment button on the Results screen, the review starts at the instructions screen. How can I get the quiz to skip this tart the review at the first question in Group 2 instead?

Thanks so much.

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Ann Yak

Hi, Leslie...

I don't think that will work. Users need to see what option they marked for each statement so they can determine the low-scoring statements and figure out what areas to concentrate on learning.

For both Success and Failure slides, I have checked only Show user's score and Allow user to review quiz.

All my best,


Ann Yak

Hi, Leslie!

Here's the .quiz file. And thanks for the reminder about the email signature.

I feel like we've gotten close, thanks to "inspired borrowing" from Jeanette Brooks' screenr on self-assessment scoring. If I could get this last piece to work, our users would be very happy.

Ann Yak

Hi, Leslie...

I noticed there was a solution with workarounds for Storyline but those don't seem to apply to Quizmaker Studio '13. When I try adding a custom shape to the slide master, the Review option displays the Correct/Incorrect shapes below my custom shape rather than hiding it.

If anyone working with Studio '13 has a solution that works in Quizmaker, please let me know.

Thanks for your help.


Sheila Moore

I have spent several hours trying to cover the correct and incorrect buttons on quiz review slides by adding a shape to the bottom of the slide master, but alas, it doesn't seem to work for Artculate Quizmaker.  (I saw a post in the Storyline thread that indicated it would work for Storyline.)

Realizing that sometimes the problem can be with the user, rather than the software,  wanted to see if there were any "new" solutions to this issue. 

Like Ann, I've created a self- assessment with multiple response choices  (mine are on a scale of "never" to "always", so no real right or wrong answers) and I would dearly love to get rid of the red "correct" and "incorrect" bars when learners go back to review their responses.     My only other options at this point seem to be to put an "ignore the message at the bottom of the screen" text box on each slide, or simply NOT allow them to review their responses.