Replacing A Quizmaker Quiz in a Published Articulate Training


I have a client that wants a few questions changed in their Quizmaker quiz that has already been published as an Articulate training and uploaded to the LMS server. They have been using the training for a few months now.

Is it possible to make the changes in Quizmaker'09, publish the quiz only, then reupload the new file and replace the existing quizmaker file on the server? Or would I have to republish and replace all of the Articulate files from the Powerpoint Training itself?



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Tim Egan

Hugh - Right, and I was thinking the same thing but just wanted to see if it was possible to make the corrections to the quiz, republish it, and replace the file on the server. Having to completely republish the complete training in Articulate worries me because there are so many variables there that something could get screwed up.