Reset tests - how is that done?

Oct 14, 2011

Happy Friday morning. 

My company is looking to switch learning management systems (LMS).  Our current system has a test creation feature.  We can allow learners to only take a test “X” number of times.  If they don’t pass on their last attempt, they are locked out of the test (not the content) until they go through an appropriate process and a LMS admin resets their test attempts.


One of the LMSs we’re looking at does not have a test creation feature.  If we went with this LMS:

  1. How would we “re-set” tests when we use Articulate Quizmaker?  If a learner fails the test the given amount of times, what happens?  They still need to complete the course, but how does that happen?
  2. What other test creation software, that is SCORM compliant, could we use?

 The LMS option we’re looking at has lots of great features, but how to handle letting learners “back into” tests to complete a course is a new challenge for me.

 I would appreciate any and all suggestions!

Make it a great day and weekend!

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David Anderson

Hi Alicia,

I think Quizmaker has all that built-in by default. Using Quiz Properties, you can specify the number of attempts learners receive to pass a quiz.

The tracking is persistent so, say a learner fails to complete on a first try, closes out of the course and returns a day or week later, the course will resume where the learner left off.

You can also specify where a learner is taken after failing the quiz. This could be any slide that instruct the learner to either review or retake the quiz to receive credit for the course.

Does that sound like what you're looking to do?

Alicia Pennington


Thanks for the quick response.  It's taken me all day to get back to this question.  I want to see if I have my thinking correct: 

Let’s say I have 1 chance to pass the course/test.  I fail.  I click Finish at which point I’m redirected to a URL or to a location within the course.  I can then attempt the test again.  If I fail, the process repeats.  I could, fail the course 5 times and my manager would never know it.  The manager only knows if I pass the course; they don’t know how many times it took me to pass it.  Do I have this correct?

Thanks again.


Brian Batt

Hi Alicia,

It's the responsibility of the LMS to handle subsequent attempts.  However, with Quizmaker, you can limit the number of attempts within content as shown by David Anderson above.

Thus, if your LMS supports limiting attempts, you'll want to set Quizmaker to a single attempt.  Then, set the Finish action so that the end-user exits the content.  When they try to relaunch the content, the LMS should see the previous attempt and then prevent them from accessing the content (or whatever options your LMS has). 

I hope that helps!

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