Results displaying as Incomplete

I've published a quiz to Presenter .  My quiz is not being published to an LMS.  I'm saving it on my local drive, then putting it on a SharePoint site.    When printing results my pass results display as pass, but my fail results display as Incomplete.  I understand that I have to change the reporting tracking option to pass/fail in Presenter then publish to an LMS, although I'm really not publishing to and LMS, but I'm stuck from that point on.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Caprice!

Can you clarify the point at which you're looking for assistance? After changing the reporting and tracking settings, have you republished the course to SharePoint? Or is the issue that you're getting the same "incomplete" status even after republishing?

Even though I'm not familiar with how SharePoint works, this older discussion might be helpful for you...

Caprice Haywood

Hi Peter,

To add clarification my question was after selecting publish to LMS and changing reporting and tracking setting and I then actually selecting publish to LMS even though it actually saving it to my local drive before I republish it in SharePoint or am I not selecting publish to LMS, but selecting publish to Web where it's stored on my local drive before I put it in SharePoint?  I don't have a problem with getting it in SharePoint.