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Gary  Newell

I'm kind of having the same problem. I have created a project and at the end I have a page that has fill in text (Name, date, title...) and I added to that page the option for the user to print so the page can be retained as their proof of taking this exercise. However, when I publish it via web, it opens a blank page. If I publish it using CD, it has the title of the page but the text entries does not show up. What am I doing wrong? Basically I need the option to print an entire slide once someone goes through my exercise. Any help is appreciated.

Gary  Newell

Hi Ashley,

Yes I am trying to view it locally. I'll try to get it posted to our web server and see if it works correctly then. I want to make sure what I'm trying to do is possible, I've created an exercise and at the end I have a page where I have 4 free fill text line all labeled (e.g., Name, Date, District...). When I select that I want this results page to print, it should print everything on that slide, correct? Thanks for your reply.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gary, 

So there are two ways I know of to "print" from within Storyline...from the results slidethere is a print button which would allow users to print the results information. As for printing a slide, you'd need to set that up with Javascript and that is detailed a bit here, but it's not something we can offer support for so I'll defer to the community.