Results.ScorePercent issues

Feb 10, 2020


I have a question with 6 propositions and 4 good answers.

If I select two good answers and 1 bad answer, I get a result of 0%.

Is it possible to divide this result percentage amont the 4 good answers so that if I get 2 good answers and 1 bad answer, I get a result of 50% 



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Vincent Scoma

Hi Guildhary, 

May I ask what kind of question are you using here? Is this a Multiple Response question? If so, at this time, the Multiple Response question scoring is all full-credit, meaning the user has to select all the right answers to proceed and be scored correctly. 

With that said, I did find this forum post that I hope will help with the design needs you have. It involves using Triggers and Variables to calculate the score for a Multiple Response question. You can find this thread here

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