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Nov 01, 2016

The Print Results feature is not working for me.  As expected, it will not work in HTML5, and for some reason I cannot get it to work in the html file.


As a work around, I would like to add a prompt to the Results slide and asks the learner to type his/her name and it then appear on the screen.  Then they can simply print from the browser.


Is this possible?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Ken,

Sorry you're seeing this issue with printing results, thanks for reaching out here! There isn't a built-in way to accomplish the workaround you've suggested here in Quizmaker '13, so I'll have to defer to the community on that one.

However, the Print Results feature should function in the html output. To narrow down what could be causing this issue even in the html output, I'de like a little bit more information if you don't mind.

First- What environment are you publishing for and where are you viewing the course to test it? If you're testing the course locally instead of in it's intended environment, you may find that some features won't function as designed. Please make sure to upload your course to it's intended environment while testing. For instance, if you're publishing for the web then you'll want to upload it to a web environment to ensure everything functions properly.

Second- Are you currently running the latest update for Studio '13, update 8? You can check which update you're on by going to Help > About Articulate Quizmaker '13

Third- It sounds as though you may have already checked out this article, as you had mentioned expecting the print results feature not to work in the html5 output. However, you may want to double check that quick to make sure none of the other reasons mentioned there apply to you.

If you're still seeing this issue in the html output after running through all those, would you mind sharing your .quiz project file here so we can do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment to this thread or if you'd prefer, you can share it privately with our Support Engineers by way of this form. If you choose to share it privately, you can let me know your case number here and I'll be sure to follow along with it.

Keep me posted! :)

Crystal Horn

Hi Ken.  I'm sorry you hit a snag with Print Results!  You might have already seen it, but this article lists some reasons why the Print Results feature might not work, including viewing the published output locally.  Are you hosting your published output on a web server and viewing the Flash output in a supported browser (see Viewing Content)?  Also, we'd be happy to help test your file if you'd like to attach it here.

There isn't a native text entry field option for Quizmaker '13, but maybe some community folks have designed an alternative setup.  Hoping they'll chime in if so!

Ali Goulet

Awesome, Ken! Glad that you were able to get Print Results to work- thanks for letting me know! :)

For the spinning wheel, it sounds like you're encountering a new security feature that was added in a recent update to Flash Player that specifically effects local viewing. Take a peek at this article in the Chrome section for how to resolve this. Let me know if you have questions! 

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