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Nom de Guerre -

Hi Leslie,

I am using Storyline 360 and inserted the Retry Quiz button and the passing score is 70%; however, I don't see an option as to where I go to limit the user to a maximum of 2 chances to retake the quiz.

Also, wanted to inquire, the storyline project I am building has 4 short quizzes (all graded), how can I have their score reflect in a Master Quiz Result slide that would reflect each of the 4 quizzes as the grand total with 70% being the threshold for passing in the final score. Thanks.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Raj and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Great questions! Looks like you reached out in the Quizmaker forum, but I can certainly answer your Storyline 360 questions as well.

In order to limit the quiz retries, you would need to utilize an attempts variable. Check out this tutorial to get this set up.

As for your second question, you will only be able to submit one results slide to your LMS. You can have a 'result of results slides' and then choose if you're just combining points or if the user must pass each quiz.

Check out this tutorial.