Retake a Quiz lands user on the Quiz Results slide

I set the Quiz Fail Results Properties to "If the user fails, Finish" goes to a hidden slide in Presenter that contains the review material.  This hidden slide also has a hyperlink "Retry Quiz" which links to the Quiz Slide. 

However, when the user clicks the hyperlink to the Quiz, it takes the user to the Quiz Failed Results slide, instead of automatically starting the Quiz . 

I thought I had it figured out - it worked once when I published the course, but now it's going back to the Quiz Failed Results slide instead of starting the quiz.

Sorry this sounds so confusing - is there a way to do this?

Thanks so much!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Diana!

To configure retries on your quiz, it needs to be part of a course within Presenter. Here's some info about how to set the number of retries.

If you want the functionality of the quiz without the "skin" that Presenter adds, you could publish the quiz to Presenter and then use the method described in this link to remove the Articulate player.

Hope that's helpful!

diana reardon

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, the issue is the Quiz Results pages.

The number of retries for the course is set to unlimited.  However,  regardless if the user Passes or Fails the course, when you click on the Quiz again (either through the Table of Contents or a hidden hyperlink to the Quiz Slide), it always shows the RESULTS page instead starting the Quiz from the beginning.

Thanks again.


Peter Anderson

Thanks for clarifying, Diana. It sounds like an issue with the resume functionality, wherein upon exiting the quiz, the user is always brought back to where they left off. Try setting it up this way:

1, Go to Player Templates > Edit > Navigation > Resume.
2. Check Prompt to resume on quiz restart.
3. Save the player template, and close the Player Template Manager.
4. Click Save and Return to Presenter.
5. On the slide placeholder for the quiz, click the Properties button.
6. Change User may attempt quiz: to unlimited.
7. Click the Close button.
8. Republish your presentation.

If you still can't get the quiz to restart, please feel free to submit a case to our support team. Thanks!