Retaking Questions in Quizmaker when using Branching


I'm creating a quiz. If a person gets the answer right, I branch them to the next question.

If a person gets an answer wrong, I take them to a blank slide to review information.

I then branch them back to the orginial question so that they can immediately retake it before moving on.

However, when they go back to that question they are not able to answer it again, as their original answer is displayed.

I have thought of creating a go around, but duplicating the original question slide.

However, is there a way to avoid having to do this and allowing them to retake the original question as many times as they wish? (I have already set my Quiz properties to "unlmited" attempts, but that has not solved the problem. I have set my Player Template to "submit one question at a time" and that has not solved the problem.)

Suggestions would be appreciated.



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