Retry Quiz - Can't get rid of

Hi. I have created several quizzes/surveys for which I do not want the "Retry Quiz" button to appear on the results slide. I have already unchecked the box in the properties section, but it still appears when I preview the presentation. In addition, sometimes, when I preview the quiz/survey after editing the "Retry Quiz" button is not there (as I want) but then it always seems to reappear.

Am I missing another location where I need to indicate that the learner cannot retry the quiz?



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Adena Wilson

Thanks for the reply. I checked the player template that is in use and do not see where I would indicate the number of tries a learner is allotted. The only place I have found to specify this information is in the survey (or quiz) results properties. What I am not seeing?

Thanks again,


Peter Anderson

Sorry, Adena I misunderstood what you were asking at first. To remove the Retry Quiz button from a Presenter ’09 presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Edit in Quizmaker button on the quiz slide.
  3. Go to Player Templates > Edit > Navigation > Resume.
  4. Uncheck Prompt to resume on quiz restart.
  5. Save the player template, and close the Player Template Manager.
  6. Click Save and Return to Presenter.
  7. On the slide placeholder for the quiz, click the Properties button.
  8. Change User may attempt quiz: to Just Once.
  9. Click the Close button.
  10. Republish your presentation.