Retry Quiz Issue

By adding the Retry Quiz option in QM-13 to the Results slide causes a feature backward step and I would like to know it there is a way around it.

In prior versions, when a person failed a quiz, you could indicate where to send them, which would most likely be preceding slides so the learner had to review the content again. Then when the learner returned to the quiz, they could take it again as it reset.

Now, if you send the learner to preceding slides to review the content, when they return to the quiz, it remains on the failure feedback layer and does not reset automatically so they cannot proceed.

The only way that the user can retake the quiz, is if you have the "Allow user to retry quiz" box checked.

The issues is now the user is NOT required to review the preceding content and can simply retry the quiz as many times as allowed. This makes reviewing the content optional which sort of defeats the purpose of sending them to prior content.

Again, this was not an issue in 2009 and in prior versions and I am wondering why this change came about, or if there is a way around this to make this work like it used to?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jules and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Sounds like you hit the nail on the head with describing how this functionality works now. All the re-tries are controlled via the results slide now.

You could have the instructions for the user and the finish button could direct them to review the content. They will still have to hit re-try quiz when they get back to the quiz as the results slide will still be displayed.

If you would like to share your thoughts in a feature request with our development team, you are welcome to do so.