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Mary Yu

Not exactly - my situation is that I'm using Quizmaker for a knowledge check question, so I've selected for Result Type "None" as I do not want this check to be graded.

Is this why the Review Feedback slide is not showing up?

I'm giving the learner 3 attempts to answer the question correctly, and after 3 mis-attempts, I want to use the Result Feedback layer to show the correct response before the learner moves on in the course.

How do I do this?

Mary Yu

I think we're talking about different things - I want to know how to activate the Review Feedback layer that is shown in the lower right corner (and also currently displayed in the Slide view area):

If the tool allows such a Review Feedback layer, I'm assuming it should actually allow me to present it at some point - the mechanism to make this particular layer viewable is unclear to me. (What is the default branching to make this Review layer display...and can I manually change it also)