Review panels

Hi all,

When you review the quiz at the end a large blue box with the answer/explanation covers part of the text. This is frustrating as students will want to see the full question/possible answer choices again as well as the correct explanation. Is there any way to make the blue panel drag-able/move-able so that students can have both!


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Kendra Kernen

I know there's not a resolution for this issue, so I'm just chiming in to add my experience. Our users are also frustrated with the review box covering up the quiz question/answer. It works fine when you have short questions and 1-2 word answers because then it leaves the entire lower-right quadrant free to display the post-quiz review. But my quizzes are similar to what Peter's example has shown. The questions sometimes are 5-6 lines long, the answers are full sentences that are usually two lines long, and the post-quiz review explanations are often full paragraphs and have even included tables of data. (I don't write them, I just have to use what the SMEs provide.)

If anyone has a workaround that could be used for 300-question quizzes, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!