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Jeanette Brooks

HI Widya,

During the quiz review, the correct answer will always appear just below the text entry field where the user entered their answer. Depending on where you've placed the answer box, and how many correct answers you've designated as acceptable, the correct answer(s) might end up spilling off the slide or getting obscured by other objects on your slide. There isn't currently a way to change the way this is handled... that would make a good feature request!

Your best bet is to design your slide with this layout consideration in mind. For example, in the slide below, the image, text, and answer blank are arranged in a way that allows for the correct answer to show appropriately during the review. Maybe if you have a slide design that you're working with, and you need help rearranging the elements to accommodate the correct answer(s) during review, you could post your sample here and we could help give you some layout ideas?