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Leo Streiter

Hi, Leslie,

It´s just a 2 questions test-quiz, I´ve made. I hope, sending the file via
forum is the correct way.
When the result slide appears, the review button only works manually. I
tested this on a Samsung Android. (5.1.1) and on an Iphone 5 (iOS 10.2)
(Both with Chrome).

L. Streiter

Leo Streiter

If this helps:


If I publish with flash/html5, the Review Button pretty works in all Flash-based browsers (also in Dolphin Browser on Android devices), but not in html5-Browsers (neither in Safari on Mac).

I tested on Win 7, Win 10 (both 64 Bit), Mac ios 10.11, and as mentioned above on  Iphone (ios 10.2) and Android (5.1.1).

L. Streiter





Leo Streiter

I think, I can see the problem:

It´s in my customized player "MK1": Restart is set to "Never resume". When I change this to "Prompt to resume", the Review Button works. Is this a normal fact? I´d prefer the customized player with "Never resume". Strange, that this issue only happens in html5...


Thank you

L. Streiter



Leslie McKerchie

Hmmm, I just imported your questions into a new file without your Player and it's not working there either. Seems it may be related to 'Never Resume' and HTML5 perhaps?

I would like to get you working with a support engineer so that we can dig a bit deeper, and I have opened a support case on your behalf (00990046) so you should be hearing from someone soon. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sajna - Well at least we are headed in the right direction :) I did not change anything in your file. Were you viewing the published output in the intended environment as your learner would? You are welcome to upload and test via SCORM Cloud as well if needed as it may be limited to your LMS and you could follow up with them if needed.

Sajna Thomas

Hi Leslie,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Was caught up with a different project.

I noticed that my client hasn't got back with any issue yet with the quiz, so I am assuming its working fine at their end. :-)

I uploaded the course to file zilla and checked the published link in the browser. This is how I usually check.




Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sajna,

I tested your course in Articulate Review here and also in SCORM Cloud here, and the 'Review Quiz' button seems to be working as expected in both places. You mentioned that it might be working on your client's end as well, so please let us know if there is anything further we can do to assist!

Ollie Potter

Hi All,

Apologies to jump in but was there ever an actual reason for this not working?

I have recently upgraded a suite of courses from SL2 and the review quiz trigger doesn't work?

I have deleted and then reinstated the trigger in case there was some conflict on the upgrade, although, unfortunately, this has had no impact.

The content has been published to HTML5 only and tested on publish only.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ollie!

You'll want to test Storyline 360 content in the environment for which it was published - either hosted on a web server or LMS. The easiest way to test the content is to publish it to Articulate 360, since the published content is automatically uploaded to your My Content page in Articulate Review. 

Give that a try, and let us know how the Review Quiz buttons work there!