Review Quiz showing all answers incorrect when some are correct


My course includes a few hotspot/quiz questions throughout the story that are not scored or tracked. At the end of the module I have a short quiz that is scored and tracked. I have ensured each question has the correct response selected and that the results slide only references the scored questions at the end of the quiz. I have included the option to Review and Retry on the results slide. When I publish the course, i'm receiving incorrect feedback when I choose the option to Review Quiz. I've tested several outcomes and regardless of the answers I choose (passing or failing) I get the same outcome: the first question gives me a green bar at teh bottom saying 'Correct'. All questions reveiwed after show a red bard at the bottom saying 'Incorrect'. This happens even if the answer I chose was correct. Does anyone know how I can alter those responses when reviewing the quiz?


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Carrie,

I just happened to see this as I was looking something else up. By any chance do the quizzes that are not scoring "correct" have their properties at reset to initial state? You can check slide properties by clicking the gear icon near the bottom right of the screen. If this is the case, changing to automatically decide or resume saved state may fix the problem.

Rebecca Holtom

Hi, I am having a similar issue, please help!

I have created a quiz where the users are asked to input data from an image presented on the slide. The answer inputted by the member of staff is correct, and matches the answer inputted into the question (the only difference is that he has used Capitals - the case sensitive box is not ticked). Only he has been scored incorrectly where he is correct. I do not have the slide properties option? see attached.

Any help that you can give would be fantastic - I know this has happened before and the only way I resolved the issue was to recreate the test from scratch, this test is 180 questions so I would prefer not to do that.



Rebecca Holtom

Hi Leslie

It has happened before on another test. I am unable to work on the hard drive as we have 'locked down' PC's which restrict use of the hard drive

When I have imported the questions into another quiz, it does the same thing, the only way I could solve it previously was to re-create the quiz.

Thanks for your help