Review Quiz shows answers are incorrect when they are correct


My course includes graded questions only. I have chosen to submit all answers at once. If I review the quiz to correct my responses before I submit all answers, the final score I get is unusually low, or even zero, even when all my answers are correct. When I review the quiz at the end,  a red bar shows at the bottom saying 'Incorrect', but I know my answers are correct. 

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? 


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Bob J

Looks like my customers are running into a similar issue.  Using a Quizmaker quiz in a Studio 13 presentation, with answers set to "Submit all at once".  Correct answers are showing up as incorrect.  Users are running both HTML5 and FLASH versions of the software (Chrome = HTML5, Firefox = FLASH).  Not all users run into this problem.  Probably 5-10% are seeing this problem.  Perhaps they are "reviewing/retrying" their answers.  I will try to get more information.  Has this problem been identified / isolated?  Also, does the workaraound to regen the quiz to be "submit each answer one at a time" get rid of this issue?  I can send an example of the issue offline, if needed.



Bob J

I wanted to follow up on this as well.  I submitted evidence of the issue and attempted to work with Articulate Support on this issue, but they were not able to provide any solutions, other than what users are posing in this forum.  From this long outstanding issue, it is beginning to appear that Articulate has backed off on supporting Studio 13 / Quizmaker with HTML5 code.  I hope that is not the case, as the industry is moving away from FLASH to HTML5, but it is certainly beginning to appear that way. Is there any way we can get some response from development on this issue, so we can plan for the future?  I have been using Articulate tools for more than 6 years, but I am beginning to lose faith that Articulate will support HTML5 generated code in Studio 13 going forward.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

We haven't moved away from HTML5, if anything we're moving closer and deeper into it with the release of things like Articulate 360. I wanted to check in on your case and see what exactly was the issue but since your name is a bit incogntio here it's hard to look up. If you have the case number happy to take a look.  Studio '13 does have flash and HTML5 support, but it's limited to the browsers here.  Perhaps that's what they shared with you? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi everybody!  I’m so happy to tell you that we’ve just released Update 9 for Studio ’13.  It addresses the issue where using "submit all at once" in the HTML5 output would cause the quiz answers to be scored incorrectly. You can download the update here and see the release notes in full here.  Once you've downloaded the update, you want to republish your file.

Thanks for helping us make this improvement!

Katie Riggio

Sorry you've hit this roadblock, Meagan.

Our team is still looking into the problem where multiple response questions are not evaluated correctly in HTML5 when the Player is set to 'Submit all at once' in Quizmaker 360. We'll keep this discussion posted on any new information!

As we continue to investigate, we're happy to look at your .quiz file to explore some custom approaches. If you're able to share the project, please use this private upload link. We'll let you know what we find and will delete the file after!

Alis Nikolson

Hi there,

Is there any update to the resolution for this issue? We are still seeing issues with submit all at once courses marking learners incorrect and wondered how this was resolved for others? For reference, the quiz is a newly-built (questions not imported), stand-alone quiz that learners are taking on a Chrome browser window in an SAP Success Factors LMS. The quiz is set to only allow one try, and only includes T/F and Multiple Choice answer question types. 

Warmest regards,

- Alis

Becca Levan

Happy to help, Alis! 

I created a sample with T/F and Multiple Choice questions but couldn't recreate what you described. I tested in Quizmaker 360 (Build 5.28.26325.0).

If you haven't already, I'd recommend updating to the latest version of Studio 360 to see if that fixes this. If an update doesn't do it, could I have you connect with us in a case so we can investigate further? We'll reach out after we test your project!