Reviewing Large tests


I have a 100 question MC test that pulls randomly from a possible 300 questions in 17 groups.  By regulations, the student is not allowed to know the individual question results until the test is graded and recorded in the LMS but we are required to allow for a test review.  Does anyone know how to accomplish a review of the questions missed after the test has been graded that does not involve scrolling through each question. 

It would be nice if the red Xs and Green Check marks were visible after the grading and not during the test.  This way they could just scroll down to the question missed and review that but if I turn that feature on it is visible throughout the test.  It would take a clever or maybe not so clever student to immediately do the math and when the passing number are correct - loose all interest in the remaining questions.

Appreciate any help


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Peter Anderson

Hi Ray,

I may not be understanding exactly what is you'd like to do, but it sounds like you'll be able to get the functionality you're hoping for by hiding the question navigation panel (Player Templates -> Layout -> deselect Display question list navigation panel) and then allowing your users to print their results. This will take away the ability to review right/wrong answers during the quiz, and simultaneously allow users to review their results at the end.

Think that'll work?