Saba 5.4 Only Recording Latest Attempt Score

My company currently uses Saba 5.4 as our LMS.  We have discovered an issue with how mutliple attempts are recorded and Saba has indicated that it is an issue with Quizmaker.  We have loaded a quiz that allows multiple attempts, however each time the quiz is taken the last score is being overwritten by the new score. We have another assessment tool that allow for multiple attempts and our LMS records each attempt invdividually.  Can someone please let me know if there is a setting in Quizmaker or some code that needs to be changed to prevent the overwrite?

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Lori.

What exactly is happening that you don't wan to happen? Are completes being overwritten by an incomplete or failed grade? I would test all of the reporting/tracking scenarios outlined here.

I would also encourage you to test the content in SCORM Cloud as outlined above to see if you can duplicate your issue.

Lori Valek

We want our LMS to record each attempt as a separate entry with the score obtained for that specific attempt.  For example if I take the assessment from our other tool four times, fail the first three and then pass the last one, then I should see four attempts in the LMS with my three failing scores and then my passing score.  The report would look something similar to below:

User ID                     Attempt Number        Total Attempts            Score         Status         Attempted On

LAV1519                  1                                     4                                   50               F                  4/4/12 15:53:30

LAV1519                  2                                     4                                   60               F                  4/4/12 16:00:45

LAV1519                  3                                     4                                   70               F                  4/4/12 16:10:00

LAV1519                  4                                     4                                   85               P                  4/4/12 16:20:00 

If I take an assessment created in Quizmaker with the same scenario the LMS shows the following:

User ID                     Attempt Number        Total Attempts            Score         Status         Attempted On

LAV1519                  4                                     4                                   85               P                  4/4/12 15:53:30

Saba support is telling us this type of overwrite is inherent to the assessment tool and not dictated by the LMS.  Does this make it a little clearer?

Thank you,