Scope of quiz?

Hi -

I have just acquired the articluate suite, I have previsouly used Captivate.  Coming from Captivate and creating quiz questions, I know there is a "quiz scope" that tends to cause issues with moving backwards.  I am wondering if Quizmaker has that issues as well.

Typically the courses I create have the questions mingled in with the content so that there is a question or two following the content, then more content and questions, etc.

With Captivate, if you answer a question and get it wrong and want to go back to review the content so that you might be able to get the right answer, you foten go out of the scope of the quiz and then the course locks up and won't let you answer the question again or move forward.  You then have to find a way to make a "scorable" object on a slide at the very begining of the project so that fools Captivate in to thinking you are within the scope, except with someone clicks retake quiz or review quiz, it takes them back to that fisrt object instead of just to the actual quiz.

Does Quizmaker have any of these issues or can you move backwards and forwards past questions easily?

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