score is 100%, but does not pass.

Hi - I've got a real puzzler.

A client is testing one of my courses on his LMS and scored 100% on the quiz, but the results slide shows the did not pass results slide:

Inline image 1

The course was published to SCORM 1.2, Completed/Incomplete. Must pass the quiz at 70% to pass the course. His OS is Windows 7, browser is Firefox. I tested the course in SCORM cloud, and it worked fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Steve

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve,

Afraid I cannot see the image you attached. 

Is the results slide stating that they failed, or the LMS? Not quite clear on that. 

If it's the course itself that's showing that they failed, they may want to try clearing their browser cache (if they've viewed the course multiple times), or they could try using a different web browser. 

If it's showing 100%, but failed or incomplete in the LMS, can you tell me which LMS they're using, or is it an "in house" LMS?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve,

Thanks very much for clarifying :)

This doesn't happen on your side, though, correct? 

Do you know if the client's made any changes to the course, or did you share it with them in a published format?

If no changes have been made, are you able to share the .QUIZ file with me? I'd be happy to take a look and see if I experience the same issue.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve,

I haven't heard of that one. Have they tried testing the course with another host? They could try Tempshare or SCORM Cloud and see if they run into the same issue. However, it sounds to me like it's an issue with the file. 

Also, any chance you can provide some additional details/answers to the questions I posted earlier?


Joseph Replin

Hello, my problem is very similar so I thought I should add to this post. This course is being used live and I believe this has been the only case of this happening. We are using the Moodle LMS. The LMS is tracking the number of pages completed and not the quiz results so the LMS is showing a completed status for the user. 

I'm thinking this could either be a bug or an error by the user. I'm out of ideas, so I thought I would ask if you guys had a good explanation. Thank you!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Joseph!

When you say this is the only reported case, do you mean this has only happened for one user, or this is only happening for this quiz?

If this is happening for a single user, it may be a caching issue.

If this is happening for everyone with this quiz, have you tested the quiz outside of the LMS (using the links I referred to earlier)? Does the same thing happen? 

If the same thing happens when you test the quiz outside of your LMS, are you able to post the .QUIZ file here, or share it with us privately?


Joseph Replin

Hi back Christine, this is only happened for this far.

I take what back what I said before. It IS affecting their LMS completion. The LMS doesn't recognize that he took/passed the course because the course is saying he failed the knowledge check. Which is odd because I had thought that I had set the LMS tracking to be based off of the number of slides completed. Is he going to have to take the course over in its entirety in order for the LMS to say he completed it?

Also, if it is a caching issue, could you go over technically how that error works? Like, what are the steps the user has to take in order for that to happen? I would like to try the same thing myself to see if I can recreate the problem.

The course has been taken by a couple hundred users. Hopefully it is a caching issue. I'll dig around and see if it has happened more.

Christine Hendrickson


Ahh, ok, I see. If it's only been the one user reporting this (I imagine out of a couple hundred users, more reports would be coming in if others were experiencing this), it is probably system-specific. 

Yes, they'll have to view the course and retake the course again, if you need to have their completed score. A caching issue can occur if the learner has attempted to view the same page or quiz more than once. If that's the case, which it's a little difficult to say if it is, they would need to clear their browser cache. Now, again, while I'm not sure if this is the cause of the problem, it would certainly make sense if they passed the quiz but received a failure score, or incomplete status. 

There's some other things that may be causing the problem, but they're a little less likely. It could be an issue with the web browser they're using, their security settings in that browser, their version of Flash, etc. What I would recommend is to have them try using a different web browser altogether. For example, if they're using Internet Explorer, have them try Google Chrome. 

If you find any other leads on what may be happening here, let me know!

Thanks very much,


Joseph Replin

Thank you so much for the explanation! I understand that it could be a number of factors in why this happened.

As of right now, we are probably going to dig inside the LMS database and manually switch the user's completion status. But it's definitely beneficial in trying to understand what may have cause this. You guys are always helpful.

Best regards,

Joe Replin