Score reporting problem in Moodle 2

I tried to submit a support case, but there seems to be a problem with that part of the Website and I couldn't submit it -- so I guess I'll post it here in the hopes that someone will see it.

Our school is currently administering Quizmaker packages on Moodle 2 to thousands of students. A significant minority of students have reported problems with the score being recorded in the Moodle gradebook. It seems to happen rather inconsistently. I have looked through the help files on the Articulate Website, and they suggest it is a compatibility issue between Moodle and the browser. This may be, but I would like to get your opinion on our specific case.

The server-side tech people at my school have looked into the problem and have discovered the following (translated from Japanese):

1. Scores are not recorded in Moodle when SCORM packages are launched 5 minutes or more after logging into Moodle.

2. The issue has been found to occur with the following browsers:



GoogleChrome18.0.1025.168 m

3. DEBUGGING - By setting: var SHOW_DEBUG_ON_LAUNCH = true;  for Configuration.js in the exported SCORM package, the attached debugging logs were generated. ok.txt is the log when the score is recorded properly, and ng.txt is the log when the score is not recorded in the LMS.

4. When the score is not recorded, the page AICCComm.html seems to be called.

5. The problem seems to be resolved when the following alterations are made to the code in lms\index_lms.html:

Line 11-DELETE: <script language="JavaScript1.2"


Line 24-EDIT: <frameset rows="100%,0%,0%,0%" onload="Start()" border="0"

onbeforeunload="Unload()" onunload="Unload()">

 "100%,0%,0%,0%"   Change the last part to:  "100%,0%,0%"

Line 26-DELETE: <frame name="AICCComm" src="lms/AICCComm.html">

6. If no other solution can be found, we are planning to change all of the files manually according to the steps above (some 250 files) and re-upload them to Moodle.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

We will be purchasing Storyline soon, but I do not yet know if this issue is still present when using Storyline.


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