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We are, for the first time, using Articulate Studio 09 with Knowlagent as the LMS.  One thing I am noticing in the reports is that scores do not always show up, nor do completed dates.  We are seeing completion reported accurately; just not the completed dates and the scores.  The problem isn't on all courses, but I can't see anything done differently between the courses to account for it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Brian Batt

Hi Tana & welcome to Heroes,

Although we send all of that data to the LMS, it's up to the LMS to decide whether it processes and keeps that data.  You can enable the debug log so that you can see exactly what data we send to the LMS:

Then, I'd recommend contacting your LMS vendor to see why they're not storing that data.

Karen Wagstaffe

Hi Brian & Tana

I am having a very similar problem which seems at present, to affect a couple of my courses that happen to be larger than my other courses (the larger courses have 50 questions, randomised from a bank of 65).  The smaller courses seem to work ok but they only have 10 questions from an average bank of 25.

In most cases, the LMS reports back that the user has accessed the course but it does not always record the number of attempts and / or the test results.

My LMS provider is looking into the cause but are stumped - previously - pop up blockers and browser settings were to blame but now, this seems to have been resolved in the smaller courses but not the larger courses.

Is it likely to be a corrupted file causing the issue even if they have all been published in exactly the same way or is it anything to do with the size of the file?



Brian Batt

Hi Karen,

Have you tried testing your content in the SCORM Test Track?  If not, I'd recommend testing it there per this article:

If you can replicate the issue in the SCORM Test Track, then that tells us there's an issue with the content.  If you can't replicate the issue, then that means there is a problem in your LMS.