Scroll down message issue


We have a couple of students who keep experiencing a 'scroll down to the bottom to submit' message on one of our quizzes.

If I go back tot he original presentation and change the player feature so that they are not required to do this and then overwrite the current version, will this affect their and others' data - ie status, percentage completed?  Don't want to end up with further emails asking what the heck is going on.  Will anyone other than the two students experiencing the issue notice any change?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michaela.  Are you aware of what browser and/or device those two students are using to take the quiz?  It sounds like you have the Player feature to require the user to scroll to the bottom on longer questions.

I would double-check with your LMS provider if uploading a new version of your course will interfere with what's been reported for students who've already completed it.  Quizmaker should publish with the same course-identifying information for the LMS allowing it to overwrite the course rather than uploading a new content item.

Let me know what the LMS has to say about existing reporting!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michaela,

If you publish a content item from Storyline, Presenter, Quizmaker or Engage, you may be prompted to overwrite an existing content item. If you say Yes, the original course will be replaced by the new course you publish to your account.

If there are learners who were mid-way through the original course, they will have to re-start the course from the beginning. However, learners who completed the original course will not have to re-take the course again.

You will still be able to run reports on the older versions of the content item. When running a report, you will be given an option to specify the version of the content item you wish to run a report on.

Michaela Cheetham

Thanks, Alyssa.  Don't really want other non-affected users to have to redo what they've already done when they haven't had a problem.  Will hang fire unless we get any further reports of it.  Will amend when we next update the presentation for the next cohort.

The bizarre thing is one of them managed to complete it without the issue on her iPad rather than her PC! Thanks for the reply.