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Nov 22, 2016

A learner is trying to complete a quiz, but receives the "Scroll Down" error message. It happened a few times but this question won't let her continue. She has scrolled down as much as possible. 

Please see screenshot. Thank you.


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Competition University

Hi! We've been having this problem as well on modules using quizmaker. We un-checked the setting mentioned. We've had users say this fix worked for a few days, but now it's still asking them to scroll. It says to scroll on questions that are not long or need scrolling - we've checked to see that. What can we do?

Gill Smith

Hi all,

We are having the same issue.

Despite turning off the scroll button we have asked our users to make sure they have the screen maximized when they first open the course. What we have found is some students will work with the course not maximized thus, during the quiz it asks them to scroll to the bottom. 

This may help. We are viewing courses via LMS. 

Gill Smith

Thanks for your reply Alyssa. I cant confirm the exact browser unfortunately. But, I will start asking our users as they report the issue to us.

Within Health the defualt browser is IE11. I can make it happen if I launch the course via our LMS and do not maximize the screen to its full capacity before moving through the course. 

I hope this helps. 

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