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Dec 17, 2013

I have a course created in Studio '13 with a Quizmaker quiz embedded at the end of a Presenter course. When I view it from a PC it works fine. However, when viewed on an iPad, there is a problem with one of the multiple response questions, I can see and select all of the possible answers. When I click "Submit" it says "You must scroll to the bottom before submitting". There is no scroll bar and all the answers are visible. Again, this doesn't happen when viewed on a PC. Any ideas?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Leslie!

You can disable the option that requires users to scroll in Quizmaker. Even though there's no additional space to scroll, having this option enabled may be causing the problem on the iPad.

To change this option, open your quiz file in Quizmaker. Click on "Properties" > "Features". From here, find the option for "Require user to scroll to bottom on longer questions". If you haven't already, uncheck that option. 

Save and return to Presenter and republish the quiz.

Let me know if you're still seeing that prompt after testing again on the iPad.


Stella Bastone

I'm using Quizmaker 13 and it's doing this too. It seems the interface has changed since the answer above was provided. There is no "Features" area that I can find, nor any other setting that refers to disabling the requirement to scroll.

As I'm taking the quiz (in student view), I get stuck on that "must scroll down" message and no amount of scrolling gets me unstuck. This prevents the student user from being able to get any further along in the quiz--there's no option to skip, go back, scroll further, or take any further action other than closing the window. Has anyone found a more recent solution to this problem?


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