Scrpit error when printing quiz

Good afternoon everyone,

I am running into an issue where my trainers are unable to print out a copy of an exam after it has been completed.  It seems that there is an error trying to execute the script on that page.  I believe it is an IE issue since we just upgraded some of our training PCs.  I just want to make sure that it is an IE problem not the LMS we use, so all inputs are welcomed.


Rick Springer

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Rick!

What version of Internet Explorer is installed on the machine(s)? If you Google the error, it seems like a pretty common IE error. Have you tried viewing and printing the course from another web browser? That would help narrow down the issue.

Also, the course is being viewed from an LMS, correct? I've seen this error, but it usually pops up if courses are tested/viewed locally. 


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rick,

I see, thank you for clarifying :) Sounds like it may be a security issue with that particular version of Internet Explorer. 

Have you tried searching for the error? I know there are a lot of external sites with troubleshooting steps and solutions for this error. However, the majority of them require steps that require modifying the settings in the browser itself, or the operating system. 

It might be best at this point to ask your learners to use a different web browser, or a more recent version of Internet Explorer. 

Thanks and have a great day Rick!