Select Unlimited attempts, but when published only allows two.

Good Morning-ish!


I am working on edits to a project created by an outside vendor for an outside client's LMS (tracking completion only). I am attempting to update the quizzes with the correct navigation and feedback so it is consistent throughout. I am running into a problem. The first problem was that when the user wanted to skip the quiz a blank dialog box displayed with no text. I decided to eliminate the gating and allow users unlimited attempts so we wouldn’t run into that problem. It seemed to work on all quizzes except one. I have the same settings set for all, but with this one quiz it only allows two attempts before the Finish or Retry Quiz displays. I changed it in the Properties in the QM dialog box as well as opening the quiz and editing those properties. I attempted to delete and reinsert the quiz, but still no luck. Any ideas why it is only affecting this one quiz?  


Pass/Fail - Goes to Next Slide

Allow to leave - At any time

View slides after quiz - After attempting quiz

User may attempt quiz - Unlimited times


Thanks in advance!

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