sending results of essay question to an email address

Is there a way to have whatever responses someone enters for an essay question, automatically 'branched' or somehow sent to an outside email address or other site for review? 

I'm creating a standalone quiz that we'll be releasing/tracking through our LMS, but it doesn't give us the option to see those responses, only completion status.  I don't know how else to see what folks have entered.  There is only one essay question and the rest are graded. 

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Happy Holidays!

Susan C

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Jessica Keating

Hi Christine - I have a similar question and the link you posted above did not really help. I am also inserting an essay question into my Storyline project and want to be able to view the submitter's response. Is there a way to tie the submit button so that their response gets emailed to a specific address? there is no "email results" option when you review an essay slide.

thank you

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Jessica!

Sorry for the confusion. This discussion was actually for a Quizmaker quiz. The same option is not available in Storyline. 

Here's more information on that:

Articulate Support - Storyline does not include an email results feature

If you need a secure and reliable way of tracking quiz results, we recommend using a SCORM, or AICC-compliant learning management system, or Articulate Online.

Quite a few community members have found some alternative methods for this that may help you out. Check out the forum threads here and here

Thanks and welcome again, Jessica! :)