Separate Feedback for Quiz Attempts

I have a quiz inserted into my Powerpoint presentation. I've set the quiz to only allow 3 attempts. Is there a way to give the learner different feedback after they fail their 3rd attempt? For the fail results on the first two attempts, I'd tell them to retry the quiz, but after their 3rd attempt, I need to give them specific instructions on what they should do next (who to contact). Is this possible?



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Scott VanDeKeere

Any answer on this?  I was looking for something similar.  Since the RETRY button disappears after the 3rd fail, I'm assuming there is some coding that makes it disappear.  By the same logic, you should be able to make a text box appear after the 3rd fail.  Just not sure where to look to make that happen.  The way the new version saves published content, it not as easy to dig into the code as it was before.  I'm using QM'13 and publishing as SCORM 2004.   

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott,

There isn't a way to set this up in Quizmaker, and the "logic" of the retry button and attempts is not something accessible. Hopefully if someone has been able to "hack" the code they're able to share with you here, as we can't offer support for modifications of the published output. 

Scott VanDeKeere

Hi Ashley,

That's what I figured. For what I wanted to do, it's not really worth the trouble trying to hack the code; plus my computer is pretty much locked down so I don't have administrative rights to make a whole lot of changes or install "decoding" software.  My thought was it would have been nice to be able to add a pop up text after the 3rd attempt; but it's not something that is absolutely necessary for our learners.  They are all professionals.  I would hope they could figure out to click Finish or close the browser window since the Retry button would not show after the final attempt.  

Thanks for your response.