Sequence drag-n-drop question not randomizing

Hi, gurus:

So I've created a sequence drag and drop question, which I've published as web review. Sometimes, however, the correct sequence is presented to the learner, which really forces them to get the answer incorrect, as my instructions are "drag the items of the sequence below in the proper order."

Since the software knows the correct order, why doesn't it scramble it every time? Of course, I could always tweak my instructions, but that feels a little cheap. I imagine part of the problem is that there are only three elements they need to put in order. Thanks so much. --Daniel

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Daniel.

I am having a hard time duplicating this issue. Here's a simple Sequence Drag and Drop question. I cannot make it start with the default questions selected. We do have that as an issue but that was addressed in Quizmaker '09, Update 4. You can download the latest version of Quizmaker here.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Justin:

 I updated Quizmaker last in July of 2011, but it looks like the update 4 was way before that. So not sure that would fix the issue. I imagine the next step would be submitting a case to you all?

A little bit more information: I just have three things they need to put in order. I previewed the quiz three times: the first time the answers appeared in the correct order, but the second and third times, they were randomized. Thanks again, Justin. --Daniel

Sally Wold

My turn, I'm having the same issue. My question only has three items that need to be in order, but about every third time the correct version comes up as an option. I checked to see which version I'm on and it's V3.3.1303.2214. I also checked for updates and got the diaglog box that says "There are no updates available at this time."

I have this question in two quizzes and thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Sally!

With a small amount of choices and having them set to random, you're probably going to see the correct order after a few attempts or views of the question. There really isn't a way to guarantee that the choices will always be out of order, and it's more likely that they will end up displaying in the correct order when there's a small amount of options to choose from. 

This would be less likely to happen if you include more options in your quiz, but I'm not sure if that's something that you can work into your project. 

I hope this makes sense :) Please let me know if you have any questions.