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Jul 06, 2012

I have a feeling I'm just missing something simple. I have quizzes that all need to show the correct answers right after the learner answers them.

To be more specific, my quizzes are made up entirely of multiple response and true/false graded questions. The questions are set up so that the learner submits each answer after he/she has chosen one.

Since there is no way—to my knowledge—to force the learner to review the quiz from the results slide, I would like my learners to see the correct answers as they progress through the quiz. If there is a way to force the learner to review the quiz from the results slide, I would be greatly appreciative to have that information as well.


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Peter Anderson

Hey Di, welcome to Heroes!

Yep, the link and tutorial work and play fine on my end. Are you able to open the link at all? Or is it just the video tutorial within the link that won't play?

It may be a browser restriction, an out-of-date Flash Player, or corporate firewall preventing either from working for you. Can you tell me a little more about your environment?

Thanks, and welcome again!

Di Reed

Hi Peter


It must be a restriction my end because I cannot get it to play, I will ask our IT department to sort this.


I will come back if I have any further problems if I may


All I want to do is know how I can show my learners the correct answer to a question either by multiple choice or drag and drop J


Thanks, Di

Peter Anderson

OK, Di

Still not sure if you're able to read the text steps in that link to turn feedback on, but I'll go ahead and post them here just in case you can't. 

STEP 1: Adjust your quiz player template

First, you need to make sure your quiz player template allows users to submit answers for one question at a time.

  1. In Quizmaker, click Player Templates, select the template you're using, and click Edit.

  2. Click the Navigation tab at the left edge of the window, and select Submit one question at a time. Then click OK andClose

STEP 2:  Turn feedback on

Now you'll need to make sure feedback is turned on for the questions you choose.

  1. In Quizmaker, open a question in your quiz or survey. In the question editor, make sure you're in Form View, not Slide View.

  2. Pull down the Feedback option and choose the kind of feedback you want to provide:

    • By Question means you'll tailor the feedback to the question — and if it's a graded question, you'll be able to specify different feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

    • By Answer means you'll tailor your feedback for each answer a user might give. Only certain questions types allow for answer-level feedback, so depending on the kind of question you're working with, you might not see this option.

STEP 3:  Enter and save your feedback

  1. Now find the Feedback area of your question, and enter some text, or click More to open the feedback editor, where you have more options for formatting your feedback text. (If you see multiple More buttons, it's because the question type you’re building allows you to set up different feedback for different user responses.)

  2. In the feedback editor, you can customize whatever you like:

    • Text:  Enter the text you'd like users to see when they submit their response. You can make the text bold, italicized, or underlined, and you can even add a hyperlink if you want to refer users to some other source.

    • Audio: Here you can record or import narration you'd like users to hear when they answer.

    • Branching: If you want to take the user to a different place in the quiz based on their answer, you can specify that here. The default is to move to the next question.

STEP 4:  Save and close

Now just click Save & Close and you're done!

How do I turn feedback off?

If you change your mind and decide not to provide feedback for a particular question, just open that question in Quizmaker, pull down the Feedback option, and select None.

How do I change the feedback defaults?

You can adjust Quizmaker's feedback defaults so that any new question you add inherits the default feedback info. Of course, you can always customize questions after you add them, if you decide you don't want to use the defaults. Here's how to change the default feedback settings:

  1. Select Quiz Properties.

  2. Choose the Question Defaults tab from the left edge.

  3. In the Default Feedback area, mark the box next to Provide feedback by default.

  4. If you opt for default feedback, enter whatever default text you like in any of the three text fields.

The feedback text you define here won't automatically change what you've entered for existing questions. If you want to apply the text to existing questions, just click the icon in the upper-right corner of any of the three text windows.

Kevin Dixon


 I put a results slide after every question that only shows that question and then some text that says "Now lets see what the right answer is"  change the button text to say Correct Answer. the problem with this is I have to add a layer to the results slide that tells the user to click next to advance to the next question. because as you already have seen after they see the right answer Storyline goes back to the results.

Wendy Farmer

Here is a Peek video showing the built in graded question Multiple Choice.

You can customise what is written on each feedback layer if you need to or create a totally new master feedback layout.

You can also change the number of attempts so if you wanted them to have 2 gos, you would receive a 'Try Again' layer.

Hope that helps


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