Slide Master inheritance

Having a problem with Slide Masters (Quizmaker '13, Update 5) where new layout slides are not inheriting two simple text boxes. They just show up as blank layouts.

Also, when adding new a new layout slide, a new textbox placeholder is being added to the slide master - smack dab in the center, 100px x 100px. Each new layout slide adds a new textbox placeholder and corresponding layer.

I've attempted to start fresh with several new Quizmaker documents only to end up with the same results? Help?

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Jason Lampitt

Also have encountered a couple of additional issues with using Content Placeholders on a layout slide.

When editing the font and size, the Content Placeholder will not retain the selected font from the font theme, Arial (Body), nor the point size, 11.

Regardless of what I do, the Content Placeholder on the layout slide defaults to Arial (Heading) and 12pt from the font theme.

After applying the layout to a new slide, I can change and retain the font face to Arial (Body) from the font theme and the desired font size, 11pt - on that slide only.