SME Feedback - Emailing Short Answer Results


I'm going to send a 10 question quizmaker quiz to multiple SMEs for feedback.  I was thinking about adding in a short answer question after each multiple choice question so they could provide feedback specific for each question.

What do you think is the best way to do this?  I know that the email results option relies on client-side email - so that's a potentially problematic option I don't want to take.  We have an LMS (upside) and I think that option will probably be more complicated than it's worth (my LMS is a pain).  I could fire up Articulate on-line - however since my company has invested in a LMS already - the additional expense couldn't be justified.  What do you think the best option is?

If I can't figure this out soon, I might go old school and just end up asking them to send me their feedback in an email.

Any help will be much appreciated. 

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