Stand Alone Tracked Quiz?


I'm wondering if it is possible to publish a Quizmaker quiz by itself to my LMS? When I viewed the tutorial, it showed the quiz baked into a course. Basically, we have classroom training that will be taking place. After that training the facilitator wants me to assign each attendee a "final exam" over the material covered in th classroom training that they take via the LMS. Quizmaker quizzes can be much more interactive than the standard testing engine that is offered through my LMS so I'd rather create an exam through it.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Carla!

You certainly can :) However, I did want to mention that you can also still keep the Quizmaker quiz within a Presenter project and make it appear to be a standalone project. You'd simply need to adjust the appearance of the player within Presenter. You can hide the entire player for Presenter, so it only looks like the Quizmaker quiz. If you choose this method, you'll have more control over the overall quiz attempts and other functionality that isn't included when you share a standalone quiz.

For the quiz itself, as a standalone, you'd publish in pretty much the same way, but you'd need to publish from Quizmaker itself to the LMS. 

Here's more information that may help you out:

Publish to Your LMS - Quizmaker

Let me know if you have any questions :)

Thanks Carla!