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Oct 24, 2012

Hi folks. I have stumbled into another problem that I'm hoping folks may be able to help me solve. This one has to do with a standardized quiz, our Course Review summary quiz, that we include in pretty much every self-study course we develop with Articulate. We hadn't noticed any problems until I started to push the envelope with all my crazy antics in Slide View. I put together this quick mp4 that shows the problem. Basically, if the user clicks Submit All, all the items seem to "stack" on top of one another in the results and subsequent review screens. The obvious workaround is to remove the Submit All button, and the problem only happens if the user clicks Submit All without answering the questions.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

TIA for your help =)

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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Linda, thanks for including the video of the issue - honestly I haven't seen anything like that occur before. The only thing I noticed is, from the appearance of your quiz it looks like you're using a third-party widget to cause the feedback pop-ups to have a solid color even though you've made the quiz player itself transparent. I wonder if that widget is also somehow causing the quiz review to not function as expected. I'd try removing the widget and republishing, and see if the problem goes away. If it doesn't, would you be able to submit a support case, along with your project files, so that our support team can investigate further? Thanks!

Linda Ross

Hi Jeanette. I republished without the widget, and the problem went away, so that narrows it down to probably having something to do with the widget. However, this doesn't really help me because we need to use the widget in order for the quizzes appear correctly with the integrated look and feel we worked so hard to achieve and make look seamless, so that our corporate branding appears correctly on the background slides. The problem does not occur in the Course Review example we include in our template, either, which made me think it had something to do with the media richness of the items themselves interacting with the widget functionality.

I'll try reaching out to the widget creators, and in the meantime, I'll remove the Submit All functionality, since that's the only time it's happening.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Linda, I'm not that familiar with the widget and have never used nor tested it, but here's one more thought. In your screencast you mentioned that the problem occurs when learners Submit All without answering all questions. Have you tried requiring them to answer all questions before they submit? I wonder if that would change the odd behavior you're seeing. You can require answers to all questions by doing this in Quizmaker: go to Player Templates  > Edit Navigation and unmark the box that says "Allow user to finish without answering all questions."

Jeanette Brooks

Your course (and quiz!) look really nice, Linda. I had one more idea as I was browsing through. Since the widget you're using seems to add a transparency to all quiz questions, maybe just adding a solid white rectangle behind your question slides would fix that weird behavior you were seeing earlier. You could just add a white, borderless rectangle behind the content placeholders on the quiz slide master, and see if that makes any difference.

Linda Ross

I'll keep an eye on it. It's curious that it does not occur in the example course review we include in our template. I've pounded on that one and cannot get it to replicate the issue, even though it uses the exact same settings and widget. The primary difference is that the example items are somewhat less media rich and I did not use the slide view options as extensively as I did in my RUEI self-study.

Kinda of weird, huh?

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