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I have a branched scenario created in Quizmaker '09.  On two of the slides, when you select the wrong answer radio button and click submit, the button "blinks" a little but nothing else happens.  If I click it twice in succession, it goes to the next slide.  All the rest of my quizmaker slides in this course perform beautifully, and I am stumped.  I have tried setting it at both unlimited and various numbers of tries with no luck.  Any other suggestions out there?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Katie! It sounds like your question has more than one attempt AND the feedback has been deleted from the Feedback area of the question editor. What happens in this situation is: since the question has multiple attempts, the learner is forced to stay on the question and retry it until they either get the right answer OR exhaust their number of attempts. They can't move on until they answer correctly or they run out of attempts.

And, because there is no feedback in the Feedback fields, no pop-up feedback appears if the learner does submit a wrong answer (this is why the slide appears to blink a little when you click Submit ... it's just refreshing the slide for the next attempt).

I think if you add some feedback text in the feedback area for Incorrect feedback and/or change the number of attempts to 1, you'll get the behavior you want.