"Submit" Button Delay for Surveys/Quizzes

We have recently experienced a lag in being able to Submit responses to our Quizmaker Quizzes and Surveys. It seems like there is a 3 second minimum that the questions must be on the screen before the respondent can submit their reply.

While this is not a problem with most Survey questions, occasionally the questions are simple enough that the respondent should be able to click prior to a 3 second minimum.

Does the Studio 13 QuizMaker inherit the slide minimums from the related PowerPoint? If so, how do we prevent this from happening?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Thanks for reaching out, and I wanted to note that it looks like the following response has been sent via email to you for your case (00680076):

"Thanks for contacting Articulate Support.Articulate Studio '13 Update 7 is now available for download. It adds support for Apple iOS 9 and includes bug fixes. Click here for details." Please feel free to share here if that does the trick for you!

And Jeff -- If you could, please share some more details on the environment in which you are experiencing the behavior and we will do our best to assist you further! 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeff -- Thanks so much for sharing your files and I will be happy to do some testing on my end via the SCORM Cloud. Have you, by chance, had an opportunity to test your file there as well to see how it behaves, as that environment is the industry standard for LMS testing? You may also find this article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud to be of some assistance. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeff -- Thanks for your patience while I tested your file. I published your course and tested in the SCORM Cloud, and I experienced the same behavior you described, however, there was no reason that I was able to discern for the lag you've encountered. I went ahead and created a Support ticket and submitted it with our Engineers for further investigation. You should be hearing from a member of that team via the email address we have on file for you as soon as they have had the chance to take a closer look. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Erika -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! 

I looked up Jeff's case and it appears that he was provided with the following suggestion:

When previewing the quiz in Quizmaker, the user is able to move forward to the next slide immediately because the navigation is set to Free. When previewing it as an embedded quiz in Presenter, it follows the navigation set in Presenter '13 which is Restricted. You may do any of the options below: 

1) Set the Presenter navigation to Free 
2) Keep the Presenter navigation to Restricted. Move the duration of the quiz objects from 5secs to 1sec in the Quizmaker timeline. 

More details on how to use the timeline in Articulate Quizmaker '13 in this article

Please let me know if that will do the trick for you, and if you find that you still need assistance, you are welcome to share your file and we'll be happy to check it out! 

Jeff Momsen

We have to use option 2 ["Keep the Presenter navigation to Restricted. Move the duration of the quiz objects from 5secs to 1sec in the Quizmaker timeline. "]
because we have to restrict movement through the course.

Sadly this means going into Every question and Every feedback item and Every Passing and Failing slide and pull the timeline down below the 5 second mark.

Christie Pollick

Thanks so much for your follow up, Jeff and I am sorry that there is not another option available at this time that will work for your needs. I did also want to mention that when you reply to a thread via email, your signature details are displayed publicly here in the thread, so you are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove those details if you wish. :)

Deborah Munitz

I found this article because I too was frustrated by the delay in allowing users to pick question answers. The screens sit there with no feedback as to when the user can even move forward. I tried to select all questions in a quiz and use the timeline to go from 5 seconds to 1 second and it didn't work. This is actually a major problem. There should be a way to change the quiz template to come up with a different default. 1 or 2 seconds is much better than 5 seconds.  Has anyone submitted a product change request on this?