Sync animation and audio in Quizmaker


I sync animation and audio in Presenter all of the time, but have no idea how to do it in Quizmaker.  I couldn't find anything in the forums that addresses this specifically.  Does anyone have any tips or better yet a tutorial to share? 

The only way that I can see to do this, is to listen to the audio first, and make the necessary adjustments to the timeline while I listen, and then add the audio to my quiz. Is there another/easier way?  Thanks.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Donna, 

Yeah, I'm not aware of any built-in animation synching option. It sounds like you may already be doing what I would suggest as a workaround- listening to the audio file while you make the adjustments, then importing the audio after. Perhaps I'm overlooking something and someone can chime-in, but in the meantime, it never hurts to make a feature request:

Thanks for the input, and good luck