Tackling Flash Player Security Issue


I recently encountered a few problems (a real headache) with the Flash Player Security especially when I run my quizmaker.  

The flash player security settings is a headache for many developers who do not want users of their products to go through the ordeal of having to play with the security settings to allow a SWF object to ''communicate with an internet location'' especially when they are accessing the object locally (on hard drive, pendrive or a CD-ROM). The message will read like Flash is having to do some potentially unsafe operation and something is trying to connect to an internet location bla bla...

Fortunately, we have been able to resolve this issue. Please go to this link to view how we have been able to tackle this issue.




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youshra B

Hi Phil

You are right.  But if you have put the quiz as a hyperlink from another page, then you need publish as web.  Because you cannot put link to a cd publish which is a .exe file

To put a link, it should be an html file.  The flash security issue can be easily bypassed by the technique we used.