Template Trouble

Good afternoon,

I'm still learning to do the cool tricks to create more interaction in Articulate files, and for now I am heavily relying on templates.

I downloaded this template : https://community.articulate.com/download/quizzify-game-template#

and adjusted it to include our own questions and answers.


However, I've run into a road block.  When clicking on the right or wrong answer, a bubble pops up saying "Correct" or "Incorrect", but then I get stuck there.  Seems like I am missing a trigger to return to the question board.  How would I add that?


Also, how do I ultimately return to the end score card with the total points after all of the questions have been answered?  Where would I add that trigger and how do I formulate it ?

Thank you for your help in advance!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated! 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Anna!

Welcome to the community! The link you provided is for a Storyline template. Just wanted to verify this since this post is in a Quizmaker post. The correct/incorrect feedback layers contain "continue" buttons that direct you back to the game board. When you need to get to the end result, you would just click on the "next" button from the game board. This template is set up with the results slide as the next slide after the game board, so the trigger jumps you to the next slide.

Anna Gorshkova

Hi Emily!

Looks like I posted this question in the wrong forum - I'll make sure to post in the Storyline forum next time.

Thank you for pointing out that the "continue" buttons were in the correct/incorrect feedback layers. 

That helped me fix the problem!  Thank you so much for your help!

Suzanne Couture


I'm having trouble figuring out how to jump from the game board to the results page to show the user their overall score once all questions have been answered. There is no minimum passing score or time limit and the user can select questions in any order.

What is the best way to do this? Sue